The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

    OJIN presents timely information required by nurses and other health care professionals to provide current and informed patient care, to be socially responsive health care professionals, and to meet professional development needs. Each issue begins with invited articles on selected topics written by experts in that specific area. An advantage of electronic journals over print journals is that unsolicited articles can be added over time to the topic, thus updating the topic and increasing our understanding of the topic. Other features of this electronic journal include links within articles to web references, links to relevant web resources, continuing education offerings for selected articles, and a department with notable keynote addresses

    Originador(es): Kent State University
    Recurso adicionado em: 03/07/2006
    Idiomas disponíveis: Inglês
    Jornais como Assunto, Enfermagem, The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Kent State University
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